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May 17, 2011
New Albany, MS
I am just getting started in the chickens and plan to later hatch a few once my birds start laying ............... what are some good incubators or what do some of you recommend ? thanks in advance for your help
Well i use the Little Giant fan forced incubator and then when it is time to put them in lockdown for hatching i transfer them over to my still air Little Giant so that when i have those hatching i can put more into the fan one cause the fan is suppose to help the egg shell soften for the chicks to bust through
Hova-Bator...I'm love mine, & this is my first time hatchin'...I got it second hand from the science teacher who gave away all his chickens he hatched last year...
12 eggs incubated on the 14th & 12 eggs are developing...
I dont have any,I am using broody's but im planning one making one homemade.

I hear people here saying that the HovaBator Genesis 1588 is really good so, i would recommend it.I dont really like LG's though.

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