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    Jun 2, 2008
    i'm confused on incubators. i just wanna hatch out a few chicks and was wondering what is the difference between still air and air cirulated incubators? i know what the difference on how they work but what i wanna know which one works best or which one do i need? or does it matter
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    I think the circulated air ones are supposed to be better....

    Do a search and read all the recommendations for new incubators. Seems the favorite for beginners is the Hovabator Genesis (1588).

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    Its just what u pay for, [​IMG] the still air works ok. Now, the circulated air works better and 35 bucks more will put you in a preset 1588 hovabator top of the line in a styrofoam. Check with Cutler Supply they have the best price and are good to deal with. Lots of people have built their own here check them out too. [​IMG]
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    I had pretty shabby results with my first still air unit. But I was new and didnt know much - they can take some real talent to get right.

    The forced air type is an adaptation of the still air unit. It was learned that adding a fan in the chamber circulates the air and gives more even temps throughout the egg chamber.
    It is widely accepted that the forced air model is superior to the still air unit and is more forgiving.

    Luckily a fan can be added to almost any incubator not already equipped with one by installing a salvaged, 12vdc computer fan. Add a scrounged up 12vdc power supply and youre in business.
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