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  1. I want to hatch out some more chickens, but I need an incubator.

    I would prefer if it is under $100.
    I don't mind turning eggs.
    Not going to be doing a lot of eggs just 4 or 5 so I would like it to be smaller if possible.

    Any suggestions!!!
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    I have the farm innovators pro ($130). That is with a fan and turner. The 2200 I think has the fan and is around $80. It fits up to 50 eggs so not that small but you do get room to expand. Chicken math can strike even the most resolute. ;)

    I haven't tried the brinsea mini Eco but it is about $80 as well and fits, I think, 7-10 eggs.
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    Try and hatch out more eggs than you need. If you think you only want 3 chickens if you only set 3 eggs you might lose one, one might not be fertile, or one could be a rooster.

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