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    I am currently using it now but I made some modifications. I got a small fan from Wal-Mart and put in there. Heard circulated air helps regulate temps better but as for opinions I am new to hatching would love to hear others feedback
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    Do a search on Little Giant on this forum. You will find 100's of comments. Generally there are better options out there in this price range. Check out GQF Mfg. Hovabator particularly the 1588 model but even the most basic model hovabator is better than the Little Giant in my opinion.. You'll probably have to have it shipped since you rarely see a hovabator in a retail store. You might find a used one on Craigslist. You can also find new and used on Ebay.
  4. My first incubator was a LG. I still use it as a hatcher. In my experience the LG is more prone to temp and humidity fluctuations and requires much closer watching then some other models. I learned how to work with mine and though I only use it to hatch now, It does its job okay. My next model was a Farm Innovators. I have better hatch rates with the FI then I did when I used the LG to incubate. It holds the temps and humidity far better. The same amount of water it takes to keep a LG functioning will make the humidity too high in the Farm Innovators. The best incubator I have however, is my Brinsea Octagon 20. Best hatch rates from that one, though it does not hold humidity well at all.

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