Indian runner duck not thriving

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    Jul 8, 2011
    We have a 3 week old indian runner duck that is not doing very well. We are not sure whats wrong with her, it all started this morning.

    Here are the symtoms:

    Watery clear poo

    off balance

    not drinking much

    shivering (it's not cold out)

    Not eating

    What could be wrong with her?? What should we try to feed her? Should we add anything to her water? Should we seperate her from the others?

    Thank you, any information would be great!
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    Has it eaten anything moldy..... That can cause a toxin build up that causes off balance ness etc... Look up molasses flush. That may help. Seperate it from others, put it under a low watt heat lamp, put vitamins in its water and keep dipping it's beak in it.... Try feeding it warm scrambled eggs if you can get it in its beak, or mushy chick starter. I don't know if baby ducks can get wormy or coccidia like chicks can.... You may want to post a question in the duck section to see if someone there knows more..... If you have a little Safeguard wormer you might give it a Quilting pin head size dollop......
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  3. ericsgirlie

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    Jun 30, 2011
    Easton, MD
    We took her to the vet. He hopes it is bacterial. Suspects maybe botulism or salmanilla which made her septic. She is antibiotics and was given a vitamin E injection. She has to dring apple cider vinegar water. Let's hope she gets better :(
  4. ericsgirlie

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    Jun 30, 2011
    Easton, MD
    Aflac is doing much better today. Last night she had a little seisure but was doing a little better. We gave her her meds last night and she woke up eatings drinking and not stumbling all over the place. We have to keep her with us at all times, because she screams if she can not see us ;P. Poor Hannah had night duty and she had to keep her hand hanging over the bed on her cage so she could see her at all times :) We are going to keep her separated for today and if she is 100% tonight, the vet said we can put her back with her friends.

    In case you want to know, this i8s what the vet did.
    • checked for blockages in the gut
    • checked feces (came back negative)
    • Gave a shot of bo-se (selenium, Vitamin E) injection
    • 1 drop of Metronidozole twice a day for 2 weeks
    • vinegar water and tums crushed in food for more calcium

    Last night when she would not touch food, she would eat worms. So if you have a non eater, it may be worth a try :)

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