Indian Runner Duckling Problems

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by elly12, Oct 3, 2015.

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    I have recently recently bought two new runner ducklings to add to my flock. I bought them when they were 6 days old, and they are now,3 weeks old. The younger one is perfectly fine but the older one seems to have breathing problems. He sometimes has his beak wide open, and also makes load noises when he breaths. I'm pretty sure he isn't over heated because he lives inside without any heating equipment. Should I give him any vitamins or medicine? Can I have some help on this please?
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    If it is something respiratory then it is something that may require a vet's attention. If the ducks have been in the same environment with the same stressors then in may be something that will require medical attention. Diagnosing a sick bird online if very difficult.

    That said, make certain that they are getting adequate Niacin (you can add nutritional years or Brewer's Yeast to their food). Waterfowl require more niacin than other birds. It aids in healthy development of the neurological functions as well as strong bone development. Also, you might try adding electrolytes (most feed stores have them) to their water for a few days and see if there is any improvement.

    Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.
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    I'm really late but the runner duck recovered in the end!!! He turned out to be a beautiful drake and he's nice and healthy now, enjoying life[​IMG][​IMG]


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