Indian Runner Ducks


Jul 13, 2016
I have 4 runner ducks we bought as babies. They are probably close to full grown. I had bought them a small wading pool, and they love it. We have built a large pond in our yard, but we cannot get them to go in it. They will get close, but wont go. Any suggestions
We have bern putting bread pieces and minnows in the water and on the part they walk on and they go all theway to the water but wont get in. I tried picking one up and putting it in, but the duck went crazy and started flapping her wings and want to get out.
You mean you want your ducks to go to some big new scary place? LOLOLOL

If they like peas, do it gradually. Toss the peas at the edge for a few days and go out a bit further every couple of days as they seem ok with where they are.
It's new, so it must be trying to eat them. So get them used to it gradually.
ok we are giving them minnows they love them, they are on the edge but wont go in yet .... will keep trying thanks

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