Indian Runner Vomited Milky Liquid


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7 Years
Tonight is the first night that we put our 6 month old runners into the chicken coop with our mixed flock of chickens. I went in to visit(I had been at work all day and had to have some ducklove) and when I went to put down my drake, Nod, he threw up a milky liquid. He has never done this before and appears to be fine now. The ducks have always been around the chickens and tend to rule the roost. Am I just paranoid? I am checking on them every half hour but I see nothing startling or out of the ordinary. We have a peep hole to check on them...
Is it possible he had just finished drinking before you picked him up and his tummy got jostled?

Ducks do occasionally toss their cookies if they get squeezed a certain way.

Do watch him. I know my own duck mom paranoia would be thinking, "uh oh. digestive blockage."

Have you been able to see him poop?

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