Indian Runners Ducks! Need Help!


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May 29, 2011
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Its my first time with ducks and i was looking for some geting runners(as the name suggests) and was wondering had any advise.(dont worry they arent here yet) ive done research and was just looking for a bit more.
There really are no pool requirements. If you do want to give them so pool playtime, get them a small kiddie pool. They work great! My runners free range so I don't really have a set amount. Water they can drink out of the kiddie pool, if you have one. I don't have much info. Because mine free range. Wait for duckyfromoz to get on. She will give you lots of info!
I ordered 3 that arrived last August. I brooded them in our great dane sized dog kennel/crate on the patio. Then fenced off a section of the deck for them to have during the day for a few weeks until they were old enough to free range during the day. They started with the small kiddie pool and then the big one. This spring I started building them a 7x12 raised pond. Once I was done, I only had 2 ducks
But they love their pond.

They free range and I fill up a quart waterer thing with food each morning and the 2 girls tend to eat most of that. Oddly, that was how much food I gave for 3 of them too.
Water - they have access all day, but I don't put water (or food) in with them in their night house.
I love my runners!

The more time and patience you have for them the more you'll get out of having them.

Mine are enthusiastic, bubbly, friendly. Not high strung - but they do like their walks. They are thrilled by fresh straw, peas, and fresh water. They make the water muddy and poopy. It's their hobby.

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, and the Duck Forum have helped me immensely.
Unlike Amiga, I did not spend alot of time with my runners when they were young
Some were a bit high strung though each had their own personality.

I got away from the chick type feeder and waterers very quickly. For food I use a large cat litter pan about 4-5" high. For water I use a horse corner feeder. It is tall enough that they can't (usually) get in it but big enough that it is good for at least 1 day. Its 6 gallons. I used to free feed but with the fruit rats here, I pick up their food at night.

Make sure you meet the niacin requirement. I just add a 500mg capsule (without the capsule) to a 5 gallon bottle.

They can be a little spazzy at times. Go slow. They herd instinctively (at least mine do) if you want them to go in a certain direction, hold up your opposite arm or a stick/pole. I have no problem herding my ducklings into the duck run if I'm not going to be home when it gets dark. They "got" it at about 4-5 weeks old.

Peas are your friend.

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