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    I looked on the website, and it looks like the fee is something new. I had birds necropsied there in the past and IPA was paying. Apologies for misleading information! [​IMG]

    I live alone also. I start the zip ties by passing the end through the fastener and pulling it up enough that the loop gives just enough room to hold the toes together and send them through. Then I tighten it just enough that it won't come off, and change it as the chick grows.
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    Deb- I really wish I could do that as well. We are working on removing many bad foods from our fridge, but its really a struggle. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the suggested website.

    I agree with you about Michael Pollan. I have his book In Defense of Food and it was interesting and well written. I just cracked open the book Gaining Ground by Forrest Pritchard. Its about a man who is making his living farming. I can't wait to see how it goes.

    This is a good place to start. Everyone here is really helpful.
    John & Mother2Hens: watching the two of you spar verbally is usually very entertaining to me. I , for one, hope that you both stay here always. My day wouldn't be the same without either of you. As a former e-mail administrator I learned that teasing doesn't always translate into the written word, but its important to give each other the benefit of the doubt. You both have good hearts (even if they might be salty or dry in humor [​IMG]). Please don't go anywhere!!!
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    Along the lines of those that pay too much for chicken's an update on JLo. Went to the vet yesterday in Indy.

    I don't recommend being the last appointment of the day, because it seems like everybody that works there wants you to leave so they can go home. The vet was personable, but she seemed to want to hurry to the diagnosis part, by bypassing the history part.

    She indicated there are several things that typically cause paralysis, and briefly discussed the most likely ones. The vet couldn't say conclusively what JLo's suffering from. [​IMG]

    The vet willingly listened to our questions and handeled the bird nicely. She seemed to be no nonsense, which was okay with us. We don't want somebody who will take our money to perform treatment that she knows won't do any good.

    We sent a blood sample to Texas A&M for a Marek's test, and gave the bird a hefty dose of vitamin B intramuscularly. Now we wait...should know something in about a week.

    JLo was a gem at the vet. I have better videos, but can't figure out how to rotate them so you don't have to hold your head sideways to view them.
    Thanks for all your well wishes and PMs!
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    Agreed. Don't go!!!!
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    Thank you for pointing out the link, I will PM some St. Joseph County Members :)
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    Pullets are cheapest on CL. But are more easily found at shows in the sale bins. Now a pullet on CL that is a standard hatchery chicken might cost you between $10 (the day before butchering) - $25 (about a week before they start to lay to a month after they have started laying). With wanting 3 breeds you might have to find 3 or 4 different sellers on CL so keep gas money and time in mind. The chicken show pullets will cost more if they are show quality and have won shows or if there is a family history of winning shows. But while you are there you get to look at all of the other breeds and there is a chance that chicken math could send you home with more than 4 chickens.

    I hope you find what you are looking for. Have you got the coop picked out yet? If not do a little research on the different litters and cleaning methods. I use the deep litter method but that means I can't really buy a prefab cute looking coop that uses a droppings tray. The prefab coops also can't use sand as a litter and many on here love having sand in the coop.

    John and M2H I hope you both stay as others have posted. I read the ACV thing as a late night joke that did not go over well. I can see how feathers would be ruffled though.

    Personally my cat takes care of the chipmunks and mice and other pests. I have seen him with more than one mouse and I have found the fur from chipmunks lying around in his favorite eating areas. Personally I'm not sure which is a worse way to go. Here are faults with the cat method (The one I use). The pest is skillfully hunted and chased down, caught, played with while the cat inflicts more pain and terror, then finally the cat starts eating the pest while it is alive. Once the playing part is done the death part takes about 3 seconds for a mouse but longer for the cuter larger pests. the bucket method faults. There is fear as drowning is not instant, but there aren't wounds or a terrifying chase just a terrifying struggle to get out of the trap. There would be no broken bones or gut wrenching pain from eating rat poison. Now my biggest issue with the bucket method is my youngest is still top heavy and a bucket of water with a ramp would be a nice car toy. Too much risk for drowning if he was to drop a car in and try to get it out. Children are curious too so he might just drop anything in to see what would happen. So for me the cat works best even if the pest is done away with in a manner less pleasing to the pest.
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    Sally, how could you do this to me?

    I am sitting here up to my elbows in chickens and what do you do? You let out the link to a hatchery near me that has Lavender Orpingtons.[​IMG]

    My wife will kill me if I come home with any more feathered varmits. Do you realize you have potentially done me in?

    Shame on you. Hmmmm, where did I leave my truck keys??????????


    ******* Update ***********

    Salem (126 miles), not North Salem (15 miles)

    I'm saved. Wheeew, that was close. My wife always says that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his chest, with a sharp knife.[​IMG]

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    haha what's funny is I just emailed that place on Wednesday for lavender orps. As soon as I figure out what kind of plague I have at my house I'm in too!
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    Oh please, John. I was just teasing you. I'm surprised that you would take it seriously. I do apologize for crossing the line with you; I didn't mean a word of it (well, maybe killing chipmunks that way isn't so nice).

    Everyone on this thread loves you (including me), so if you left I would surely be hunted down.

    As I've said before, I've always thought of myself as being an open minded person, but this thread has allowed me to understand and accept people's positions on a variety of topics, which has been beneficial as well as enjoyable.

    Please accept my apology.

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