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    On the subject of broodies, my barnyard hens simply brood wherever they choose (as long as it's not out by the fence or something!). They hatch the chicks and protect them, and there has never been any problem from the rest of the flock. I guess because that's how my grandparents did it, I didn't consider anything else. My actual breeding stock, however, is separated by pairs or trios.
    One white rock hen hatched 16 chicks, watched over them, and didn't lose any--sold all 16 when they were a little older. That's one of them in my avatar. They wanted to roost on the top of the pen but couldn't quite make it on their own. Varmint was quite gentle and didn't mind being used as a stepping stone.
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    That is a sweet set up! Wish more people understood that you can't keep a "Nemo" in a goldfish bowl.
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    Nope wasn't setting you up. I was just curious as I said. I appreciate your info. I don't use them nor plan to, but it just seemed odd that many places use them even though they are ineffective.
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    So I moved her. After finding multiple eggs that weren't marked under her today, and three hens in the nesting box with her enabling her egg stealing problem, I moved her to the barn. She was a bit confused at first, but ate and drank and pooed and went back to the eggs. I accidentally broke one of the eggs she was sitting on this morning, so there are twelve now. But it was developing, the blastoderm/ target, was larger than a fresh egg. I felt badly, but she has twelve more to work with and there are three eggs in the silkie coop this morning, plus the four layed by the big girls, so I'm not short on fertile eggs at all. lol

    She's in there, just hard to see.
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    I am so jealous. We had to rehome our rooster recently, due to neighborhood rules. I can't wait to move and have some hatching going on. I hope you plan to post pics when they hatch.
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    I will! I hope everything goes smoothly. :)
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    So I gave my mother in law my bantam cochin rooster Oliver... This is what she posted on fb that he is doing today. Can you say spoiled! He does live outside with his two big hens, not sure why he was in the house LOL.
    He is also a therapy chicken for my husbands grandmother who has alzheimers. He sits with her outside all the time.
    He thinks he is a big rooster. He is a war dancing toe pecker, but he is adorable!
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    Line up pillows under the roosts so the eggs don't break. [​IMG]

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    They keep your shoes from getting dirty. [​IMG] Poop free soles, until the cheap plastic tears.


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