Indiana Chicken People (list)

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    If you live in Indiana and your name is not on this list. Let me know here, and I will add you to the list.

    ()relics Indiana
    1crazychick Central IN
    2DogsFarm Crown Point, Indiana
    42Chickens Dillsboro, Indiana
    4boysmama NE Indiana
    92caddy Portland, IN
    9red2black Schereville, Indiana
    addiedunn Beech Grove, IN
    afishel Spencer, Indiana
    alamogirl Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Alleychick Wabash County, Indiana
    AmberH Greencastle, IN
    AnnB East Central Indiana
    ArabiansR2Cool Indiana
    Ashridge Acres French Lick, Indiana
    asylum11 New Castle, Indiana
    Attack Chicken Indianapolis, Indiana
    augustmomx2 Indianapolis, Indiana
    AWChickens Bloomington, Indiana
    Awrigley Bloomington, Indiana
    Badhbh Southern Indiana
    beckt North Central Indiana
    Beesnchickens Huntington, IN
    beth123 Pierceton, Indiana
    Betsy Fort Wayne (rural), Indiana
    BillickChix Valparaiso, IN
    Bircheggfarm20 Indiana
    Birdgirl Huntington, IN
    BJ_BOBBI_JO Columbia City, Indiana
    bjmstahl West Harrison, Indiana
    bluebird Valparaiso, Indiana
    blueheaven Tipton, Indiana
    Bluesilver Near Martinsville, Indiana
    Bob L. Spencer, Indiana
    bockbock2008 Evansville, Indiana
    boilerjoe_96 Rural West Lafayette, Indiana
    BroomFarm Mooresville, Indiana
    café Terre Haute, Indiana
    calicokat Azalia, Indiana
    Carmelia Brazil, Indiana
    Carole AM Goshen, Indiana
    ChandlersChickens Anderson, Indiana
    chaneg78 Hudson, IN
    Charles07 Sheridan, Indiana
    cheepchicks Gosport, IN
    Chick_in_Indiana NE Indiana
    chicken_china_mom Tab in west central Indiana
    chicken~n~horsecrazy NW Indiana
    ChickenCop Henryville, Indiana
    ChickieBerryFarm Evansville, Indiana
    chicks4kids Walkerton, IN
    ChicksR4Me Harlan, Indiana
    Chickycat Bristow, Indiana
    chickylou NW Indiana
    chicluver near Anderson, Indiana
    chiknwhisperer NW Indiana
    chknbrdr Columbus, IN
    chseeads Bloomington, Indiana
    CiceroChickenMan Cicero, Indiana
    CityChicken05 Evansville, IN
    Conventio Liberi Indianapolis, Indiana
    CoopCrazy Columbus, IN
    countrylifechick Warsaw, IN
    craftymomto5 Sunman, se Indiana
    Crash450 New Middletown, Indiana
    crazy bird lady Northern Jasper County, IN
    CritterBazaar Fort Wayne, IN
    Cruiser West Terre Haute, IN
    dandelionheart Lafayette, IN
    darjohn Indianapolis, Indiana
    dclevenger Valparaiso, Indiana
    deandad Hope, Indiana
    debakadeb SW Indiana
    Delmar Goshen, Indiana
    dichotomymom Dayton, Indiana
    digginchicks Sullivan, Indiana
    Doopy Sunman, Indiana
    drdoolittle Saint Joe, Indiana
    dreamcatcher NW Indiana Boone County
    duck&chickencrazy Claypool, Indiana
    Eager Beaver Farms Mitchell, Indiana
    Ed62 Calumet Twp. NW, near Griffith/Gary, IN
    Egg_newton Alexandria, Indiana
    eggsellent Monroe County, Indiana
    emsdial911 Anderson, Indiana
    epona4 Central, Indiana
    ErinRN North of Evansville, Indiana
    exop Williamsport, Indiana
    femalecbrown Cloverdale, Indiana
    FLOWERPOT Edwardsville, Indiana
    flyinggreg Spiceland, IN
    Fox&hen Northern Indiana
    Fraudulent Farmgirl Indianapolis, Indiana
    FrontPorchIndiana Hendricks County, Indiana
    funnyfarm Logansport, Indiana
    gale65 Thornhope, Indiana
    GEL Brownsburg, Indiana
    geolemer St. Anthony, Indiana
    ghettochicken Evansville, Indiana
    gkeesling Hagerstown, IN
    gonzo&hispeeps Evansville, Indiana
    goobhen between Mooresville & Martinsville, IN
    GoodKids Winamac, Indiana
    GRAM49 Greentown (near Kokomo), Indiana
    Grandpa&Jack Seymour, Indiana
    greencastle_ducks Greencastle, Indiana
    greenpatch Greenfield, Indiana
    grioghair Whiteland, Indiana
    Grune Eier SW Indiana
    hannahrose894 West Lafayette, Indiana
    heksa Springville, IN
    hennyjenn West Lafayette, Indiana
    Hensteeth Columbia City, Indiana
    HidingInTheHenHouse Indianapolis, Indiana
    hiker125 Jeffersonville, IN
    hillbillywilly Burnettsville, Indiana
    Hippie-Witch Elwood, Indiana
    HobokenChickenEmergency Evansville, Indiana
    hoosier Greendield, Indiana
    Hoosierbuddy Knox, Indiana
    HoosierChickenMan Columbus, IN
    hoosiergal Alexandria, Indiana
    hoosierhen Marion, Indiana
    Horsegeek101 Marengo, IN
    Hurst Whitestown, Indiana
    iamhere137137 Indiana
    iluvmychicks North of Crawfordsville, IN
    Indiana Gallina's Muncie, Indiana
    Indiana hens Pendleton, Indiana
    IndianaLeghorn Sunman, se Indiana
    IndianaSilkies Chalmers, Indiana
    Indychick Indianapolis, Indiana
    IN-farmgirl Indianapolis, Indiana
    Inm03 Huntertown, Indiana
    IonaFarm Indianapolis, Indiana
    jasonandalexisspry North Jasper County, Indiana
    javachick Vevay, Indiana
    jckc8155 Northeast Indiana
    jeb251 Fort Wayne, Indiana
    jebrab Between Brookville and Batesville, Indiana
    jemmasgrandma Leesburg, Indiana
    jennmugg West Lafayette, Indiana
    jessupfamily West of Evansville, Indiana
    joebryant SW of Greenwood, INDIANA
    joedie Washington, Indiana
    jtc93 outside city limits of Fort Wayne, IN
    JustErin Sullivan, Indiana
    Justusnak Jennings County (Seymour area), Indiana
    kAiDaN*LoVe indianapolis (Garfield Park area), Indiana
    katethegreat South Bend, IN
    KatieH Burnettsville, Indiana
    keeperofthehearth Wabash, IN
    kerlins Indianapolis, Indiana
    Kgend912 Plainfield, Indiana
    kimbaliza Batesville, Indiana
    KNKFarm Outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Kritter11 Marion, Indiana
    kswaterfowl Greencastle, IN
    kycrawler Crawfordsville, IN
    lannabun Southwest of central Indiana
    Larry Central Indiana
    Lazy J Farms Feed & Hay Grabill, Allen County, Indiana
    Lee Indianapolis, Indiana
    libertychicken Indianapolis, Indiana
    lilchick Warren County, near Williamsport, Indiana
    lildinkem Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana
    Little Ameraucana Mom Greencastle, IN
    Little chicken girl101 Greencastle, IN
    lobb40118 Indianapolis, Indiana
    lotsofchickies McCordsville, Indiana
    Luvin Life Brownsburg, Indiana
    Marionsimeri South Bend, Indiana
    matt-and-chikifae outside Bloomington, Indiana
    MattD Indiana
    mayfinnfarm Washington County, Indiana
    mburpo Paragon, IN
    mccaff mama hen Henry County, Indiana
    mener6896 Noblesville, Indiana
    MetalSmitten Unionville, Indiana
    Michele_Lynd Paoli, Indiana
    miss mo Plainfield, Indiana
    modeltman Earl Park, Indiana
    mommahento5 Oldenburg, Indiana
    momof247371 Portland, IN
    moonlitfarms Markle, Indiana
    mother hen to many! Claypool, Indiana
    Ms E East Central Indiana
    mullers3acers LaPorte, IN
    mwdh1 Central Indiana
    Necie NE Indiana
    new2chix New palestine, Indiana
    New2Peeps Central Indiana
    newchickmom Indiana
    nikki24 Outside of Attica, close to Lafayette, Indiana
    NireRN SW Indiana
    norahsmommy South Bend area, Indiana
    norm65 Petersburg, IN
    Old Rando near French Lick, Indiana
    oldsoftie Chandler, Indiana
    organicfoltzfamilyfarm Trafalgar, Indiana
    Orionburn South Bend, IN
    packmomma Argos, Indiana
    paulpig Southern Indiana
    pbirdhaven Westport, Indian
    PHanson Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana
    PhoenixFeatherFarms Mooresville, Indiana
    Phox01 Straughn, Indiana
    Pinsprings Springville, IN
    Pollie Greenwood, Indiana
    polychickens Near Seymour, Indiana
    popcornchicken Huntington Cty. s.w. of Fort Wayne, IN
    portiaraylee Winamac, Indiana
    qhluvr34 Brazil, Indiana
    Quadog Bear Valley, S.E. Indiana
    ragingbull40s Frankfort, IN
    raven880 Central Indiana
    RAWR Evansville, Indiana
    ReykjaTavi Green County, Indiana
    RichardR Anderson, Indiana
    roadislandred SW Indiana on the Ohio River
    robbobbin Central Indiana
    rooster1969 Cannelton, Indiana
    roostercruiser Reelsville, IN
    Sajaha Elwood, Indiana
    SarahSue_HowSheFlew Bedford, IN
    sbluvinit Fort Wayne, IN
    Schultz North of Camby, South of Indianapolis, IN
    Sebrightmom Greencastle, IN
    seedcorn North east Indiana
    Sgray136 Huntertown, Indiana
    sgttim38 Russiaville, Indiana
    sheepgal Lexington, Indiana
    Sheila80 LaGrange, Indiana
    SilverLacedLady Kokomo, Indiana
    Skippin' Sammi Greencastle, Indiana
    skywatcher Arlington, Indiana
    Smokehouse13 Vevay, Indiana
    Snide Milan, Indiana
    spankyleatherlips Rising Sun, Indiana
    StoneyRidge Bloomington, Indiana
    Stormhorse23 Indiana
    Suds Petersburg, IN
    sueg6255 LaGrange County, Indiana
    taciturnity Anderson, Indiana
    teach1rusl Floyds Knobs, Indiana
    TerriHaute Indianapolis south suburbs, Indiana
    TheNo-NameChick SW Indiana
    tobin123 Fountaintown, Indiana
    Vamp-A-Billy Princess Bedford, Indiana
    Warsawffagurl Warsaw, Indiana
    Windwhistlefarm Modoc, IN
    windyrock Roanoke, IN
    Wonderwood Martinsville, Indiana
    Woodward farms Northwest Indiana
    WV_Hillbilly70 Nashville, IN
    yeahLauren Muncie, Indiana
    YoungChickenFan93 Noblesville, Indiana
    zade11 Evansville, Indiana
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    If you live in Indiana and your name is not on this list, let me know here, and I will add you to the list.

    Indiana members et al., if you haven't listed your CITY/TOWN, STATE under your NAME yet, please go to (click) Profile (on the dark-blue line above) and then to the list on the left hand side titled Profile Menu. Going there and choosing the second item on the list, PERSONAL, you can type in the name of the city or town, Indiana where you live.
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  3. mommahento5

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    Jul 6, 2007
    South East Indiana
    I'm not. I posted on the other thread, but it was after you had already made the list. I'll recopy the other post here.

    "Add another hoosier chicken lover! I actually thought I had posted to this thread already, but I guess not. In any case, I am Angie from south-east Indiana (the teeny tiny town of Oldenburg-come check us out for Freudenfest!). We started with chickens 2 years ago, and have several breeds right now. Some RIRs, black sex links, EEggers, white rocks, BOs, 2 silkies, 3 black rosecomb bantams, and 2 BBR old English bantams. My kids take the birds for 4-H projects and we also raise cornish x's closer to fair time. Just got an incubator and am looking for some better quality eggs to hatch than the birds that MMM has to offer. The kids would like some polish bantams, or some speckled Hamburgs and I would love some RIR or Langshans. I have heard a lot of great things about Superior Farms, but I haven't had any luck in getting a hold of them yet. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon....getting anxious to fill that incubator!! LOL! Nice to meet all of you fellow hoosiers!"
  4. joebryant

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    Thanks, mommahento5, I've added both your name and seedcorn's name to the list.
  5. chknbrdr

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Columbus, IN
  6. joebryant

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    Quote:Just compiling a list so that its available in case someone wants to plan a get-together or whatever.
  7. IN-farmgirl

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Hi! I'm in Indianapolis...I just joined BYC!
  8. chknbrdr

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Columbus, IN
  9. chknbrdr

    chknbrdr Songster

    Aug 23, 2007
    Columbus, IN

    Late last fall I decided to not run for President of the Bluegrass Poultry Assn. in Central KY, since I moved to southern Indiana and wasn't able to give the club my full attention. I was/am greatly enjoying the break from not having monthly club meetings and business to conduct and not having to worry about planning a show for Fall.


    I just saw in the Poultry Press that the Red Hill Poultry Club in Mt. Carmel, IL is not holding their Spring show which is traditionally the first weekend in May....
    That leaves a gap in my schedule, I considered using that weekend to stay home resting, spending time with my family, catching up on yardwork, etc - - NAAAAAH Let's have a chicken show!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone up for it??? Somewhere in South-Central Indiana?
    Maybe just a fun show for the first year unless we can find an available sanctioned judge for that weekend?

    Let me know what you think?

    Matt John
    Columbus, IN
  10. joebryant

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    Quote:IN-farmgirl, you're on the list now. You might want to go to the center of the blue line above where it says "Profile", click it, and when it opens choose the "Personal" category on the left column. There you can put in where you're from. It will show along with your avatar.

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