indiana city ordinances


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Aug 21, 2014
I tried printing out some of indiana towns ordinances but my computer kept popping up and blocking my print out. I went to the board meeting and im on the agenda for next month. If you are in Indiana and can get me a copy of your towns ordinance on chickens ill leave my personal email. Please send it to me. I go back on the 14 of October. My email is
[email protected].....thanks
What town of Indiana? What state are you referring to... the city of Indiana in Pennsylvania or are you referring to wanting ordinances for any towns in the State of Indiana?
I think you are talking about towns in the State of Indiana but just wanted to be sure, since I am near the city of Indiana in Pennsylvania.
OK.... in that case you are a bit too far away for me to help.

Hope you get the information you need! It is a great cause to fight for!

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