Indications of being egg bound?

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    Jun 18, 2009
    How can you tell if your hen is egg bound? Yesterday, my two year old hen sat on the nest for approx. 4 hrs. without an egg and didn't seem like herself when I finally picked her up. She had a bit of diarriha. She appeared to be straining somewhat. Last night I put her in a separate large cage with water and food and this morning she was still very quiet but picked at the cobs of corn I gave her. When I brought her out into the yard she just sat and slept for an hour or so but now I see she is walking around and picking at grass etc. Should I just keep an eye on her or what should I look for?
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    May 20, 2009
    hi. my hen acted very similar for a period of days setting with no eggs. i posted a long post on what i did and what happened in emergencies under " eggbound chicken experience". set them in warm water. and lube them inside and out and calcium and aspirin for pain and muscle relaxation. definitely watch her.

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    [​IMG] To Both of You!

    Now, we need more information. [​IMG] Breed? Age? Food? Water? Any changes recently? Egg laying habits? do tell, do tell!

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