indoor bantaom drinks (and pees) 20-30 TIMES more than our other birds

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10 Years
May 16, 2009
Please help!

We have a cute very healthy red cochin bantam, laying eggs, and proud. BUT the bird is drinking faster and faster every day, and pooping it straight out (still looks healthy, but WHAT a smelly mess)

By comparison, we gave two 8-pound hens a 1-gallon watering jug, that takes them 1-2 weeks to drink. This one bantam bird is drinking A GALLON of water every 2-3 days, and then begs for more water. This is an INDOOR bird, it is not hot over here!

I switched the container twice to make sure it wasn't leaking. The bird is nuts. She also complains very vigorously if I enter the room, she sees me for a bit, and then I leave, and stops as soon as I come back (needy?).

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