Indoor Duck-- is this a problem?


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Nov 6, 2012
I have an indoor duck, Fabian, and I'm getting a bit worried about people mentioning personality disorders, biting, etc in indoor ducks. Also one of my housemates (read: arch-nemesis) is insisting I'm being cruel and threatening to call the rspca (then again, she is an utter moron), so I was hoping for some expert duck owner opinions. Fabs is pretty much the best pet I've ever had, pooping aside, so I really want her to be happy. She lives in a large dog kennel inside, with woodchips and drybird on the bottom to ward off stinks and wetness, as well as to protect her from the cold metal bottom. I have an 8' by 8' paddling pool for her that she spends hours in every day. I take her for long walks in the park (we try to do 2-3+ a week, sometimes daily). She seems totally content, happy to follow me around at the park and chat to me while I work in my room or cuddle with me while I draw (she sometimes does try to eat my eraser). I don't have any other ducks but I sometimes take her for walks with a boy who owns a couple of rouens. She's totally easy to train and seems (to me) like she lives the high life. Does anyone have any suggestions about things which would improve her rock'n'roll lifestyle? (I can't really get another duck as my housemate would probably kill me.) I would completely appreciate some advice!
She sounds happy enough!! Get her/him some ducky diapers and you've got yourself a house duck. You didn't say how old your duck is... you may run into issues when it gets closer to breeding age.
I have three indoor ducks and I don't think its animal cruelty. I do agree with burrill and get some duck diapers. This way they can wonder all over the apartment as they please. As for personality disorders, mine are super sweet, except when they're hungry of course, then they turn into hungry hungry hippos! They still love being picked up and love to watch movies with me. Then even tolerate me when I have the urge to do something like this to them:

Nonetheless, I think ducks make great pets, just as a cat or dog would.
I do not think it is wrong if you meet all their needs. Also your ducks are safe from predators. My runner is an indoor duck. I take him outside everyday, he gets a both everyday and I make sure he gets the right things to eat. I also make sure he is fit. It most likely those extreme animal rights people who thinks that is cruel. Your housemate does not sound like I a person I would not want to live with, I do not like those extreme animal rights people who try to make everyone vegan and press their beliefs on others.
Your duck sounds like it has a wonderful life. I personally would just ignore your roommate. Even if she did call anyone it would be clear to them that they are not being mistreated.
We have a house duck, a fat Pekin hen named Soti Quacker. She wears a diaper harness, and has been an excellent pet. She plays outside with my little yard goats, cuddles with my son while he plays video games, and seems to be super content. You keep your house duck and enjoy her!
I'd get a more duck friendly housemate.

Thank you for the support! I was worried that somehow, I'd completely missed something, but I probably just need to trade in my housemate (maybe under the classified section, free to good/any home) :) She's not vegan, at least that would've made some sense instead she's questioning my duck's mental health while chowing down on KFC. By the way, mine's an indian runner, too! It's so cute to see her walking around the park, looking like a bowling pin! My boyfriend's just gotten a shirt printed with a photo of our favourite quacker:

We both LOVED the R2duck2 photo!

I've tried the duck diapers, and from what I understand they just take getting adjusted to, but currently Fabi wriggles her neck and rolls around like something from the exorcist until it's off! She is also something of a Houdini, I've never seen her in them for more than about 5 minutes (and this set the record by a long shot, it's usually more like 30 seconds). Still I will perservere (with a hearty application of mealworms, undoubtedly).

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