Inexpensive bird netting, check it out!

Good to keep small birds out, but don't trust it around chickens. I have that stuff and it is useful for light duty chores, but not for anything really stout... or determined.
Do you mean Lowe's Home Improvement? If so, good to know, great price! Our recent snow did a number on the bird netting on top of our run and we'll need to replace it soon. I got the stuff we have now on clearance at TSC, normally $25/bag, they had it at $5/bag! It did great, until the blasted snow got it.
I bought a plastic mesh bird netting for my small pen last spring. It is used for fruit trees... Worked great all summer and fall. I moved the chickens out of there for the winter.
A few weeks ago a hawk was setting in tree near this enclosure. It swooped down and tore right thru it and got a small snow bird that was on the ground looking for food! Yep he got the bird and tore a hole right thru the netting!
Glad I did not have any chickens in there! I am not going to use that type of netting again.
I ordered aviary netting off of e-bay, a 15x20 net for $22.00 including shipping!

It's 2x2 squares, ONLY to keep my EE's from flying out of the run
, not to keep stuff from coming in.

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