Inexpensive Candling Light...courtesy of Junkmanme

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    Bruce is having forum trouble, so I'm posting this for him.

    Harbor Freight ( which sells mostly CHEAP STUFF from China ) has some very small...but very Bright little flashlights "On Sale" right now.
    I bought a couple of them ....and I tried one with a grocery store in the house... (normal lighting...not darkened).
    I could SEE VERY WELL in that "vacant-unfertilized-egg".

    Here is a "LINK" to that item at Harbor Freight:

    IF THE "LINK" will SEE that a person can buy 2 of them for $ 2.00

    I don't know much about "candling-eggs"....because I haven't ( before ) used a light that was "sufficient".
    I honestly believe that THESE WILL WORK for that purpose. .....and they are very CHEAP !!!

    ....and "Believe-it-or-NOT"
    ( unbelievable )....They come WITH BATTERIES !!!
    ......THREE AAA BATTERIES.....

    ....go figure.......
    (Junkmanme on "Backyard Chicken Shitzu"..Ha-Ha !!! )

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