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    This is Venus my two year old Black Orppington. She was acting normal, the only thing that alerted me to her injury is her puffy cheeks. I initially thought it was sinuses and respiratory but it is definitely an injury. She has holes on either side of her beak where the upper and lower meet. The holes go between outer cheek and mouth lining. They were packed with material that looked like the corns you would find in bumble foot. We assume it is infected tissue from the look and smell. Besides cleaning the wound with tweezers I have not done anything more. What kind of antibiotic can I give her that would help with this injury. I have only seen something similar once and it was much less severe.

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    Jul 30, 2011
    Does she have grubs? I have never seen anything like it :(
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    Not that we've found. This morning she looks the same, no swelling has gone down. I'm going to call Dr. Fulton a.s.a.p. and see what meds he recommends.

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