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Apr 7, 2019
Hello friends
my little 5 weeks old chick got snatched by a cat mom last week in order to feed her kitten. I was able to rescue my baby in time but she got some wounds on the neck and under her wings. I treated her with electrolytes and triple antibiotic ointment for the past week and after 24h she was back on her feet and flying! all her wounds are now healed except the one under the wing, which was deeper and need more time.
But this morning I found her all weak sleeping in the corner of the brooder. and when I looked at her wound it was all infected. please see picture. will the ointment be enough to fight the infection, should I use something stronger or should it be drained?
any suggestions welcome.

Note: on the picture the ointment has been applied, reason why it looks so wet.
she eats medicated starter feed. has been eating and drinking well since she recovered.
although she is not putting as much weight on as her sisters since her injury.


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Bite wounds, especially cat bite wounds, often get infected and can be fatal.
At home you can clean it out and apply antibiotic ointment, but it's past that apparently.
A trip to the veterinarian's is indicated, and systemic antibiotics, and all the useful ones will make her eggs 'officially' inedible because of long term antibiotic residues in the yolks.
It's a problem, and to save her life she will need those drugs. You can look at the site about it. At least you will be able to make an informed decision.
All the best,

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