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10 Years
Aug 13, 2012
I been having a lot of problems with fertility in my silky chickens. I had 2 broody hens sitting on 20 eggs and only 1 was fertile and even that didn't hatch. I can't understand why my chickens are spoiled their feed is made from 1/2 bag of complete balanced chicken layer feed mixed with 1 bag of mixed grain and oat, lentils and peas. They also get meat balls made from mince mixed with calcium. ( I have ex battery hens too.) along with kitchen scraps & sometimes dried worms. My rooster is a proven rooster from a breeder so I know he's fertile.
Have your hens been brooding on the same nest ? I have generally had low % hatch rates when hens co brood. Some do well, but many quarrel over eggs - cracking some or allowing some to become chilled. Also other chickens gaining access to the nest site can cause problems.
Can you crack an egg and take photos of the yolk to see if it's fertile?
Also have you seen the rooster mating the hens? Perhaps they are running away and not submitting. It could also be a problem if the hens' backsides are too fluffy, sometimes this can prevent the rooster's sperm from getting to the right place.

The eggs that did not hatch, did you open them to see if there was any development at all?
Have you checked for mites? This can prevent the rooster doing his job. My broody hatched 12/13 eggs this year after her first 2 clutches werent fertilised. But once we treated the mites it all went crazy!
I'll be glad to give you my very fertile roosters. Because it's early and they won't shut up!
Seriously, I hope you get your problem sorted out. Good luck.
update time
This time i had a hen sitting on 12 eggs and but were 9 fertile , 3 infertile.
Only 1 chick hatched out. Im starting to think its the humidity here there is none. Everything is so dry here.

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