Inflamed bottom, shell-less eggs?

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7 Years
Jul 4, 2014
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Blondie is a Black Asian hen, maybe 2 years old, who has been sitting in the nesting box trying to lay an egg, someone is laying eggs without shells (there are 3 chickens in the coop, not sure if it’s her but she appears to be not able to lay an egg. She otherwise behaves normally, eats, drinks, walks around with the other two. We clipped her bottom fluff feathers to check her out, and it’s very red. Her vent appears normal and her poop is also normal in appearance, she doesn’t struggle to poop.
Anyone know what’s going on? I’m thinking infection, need for antibiotics… any help is much appreciated.


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I’m thinking infection, need for antibiotics…
So the infections that can cause waterbelly type symptoms (despite that I've never seen them angry red) and may also correlate to not laying.. and in their early stages MAY be treated with antibiotics are egg yolk peritonitis and salpingitis (usually lash eggs is the first symptom seen in the later).

Now I realize I'm using the term waterbelly.. which hopefully your hen isn't swollen like that.. but ascites is the correct term.

Hope this helps with clues to look for. :fl

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