Info on Sumatras?


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Mar 11, 2007
I want to order a few Sumatras from Ideal and Cackle this year, but I have a few questions. Are Sumatras aggressive? Are they more cannibalistic than other breeds? Are the roosters mean/fighters (with other roosters- I keep a mixed flock that includes several roosters in one pen sometimes)? Are they cold weather hardy? Do they tolerate confinement and docile breeds? Are they friendly? If you've had a Sumatra please comment! Thanks!


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Oct 11, 2007
Lewisburg, WV
Hi! I only have a pair but the roo is my favorite, he keeps the other roos off his hens but he doesn't over mate them. He got upset with my Sultan roo the other day and chased him for 15 minutes before I gave the Sultan time to find a spot to hide, but during this the Sumatra roo didn't even bring a speck of blood. They are very gentle and a little standoffish. I live on a mountain top in WV, the wind blow 24/7 in the winter with snow, rain sleeth and they are fine. They get pinned up everynight but I let them free-range most of the day. They really don't like to be closed up in to small of an area but are fine in a larger run.
Hope this helps!
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Jan 31, 2007
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I've had some good and some not so good dispositioned birds. Sometimes hens and sometimes males. The hens in Bantam are not so good at laying eggs. My standards once laying layed pretty decent for am ornamental breed. My hens do go broody every year. Roosters for the most part get along when next to each other in our winter coops, But out free ranging my roos would like to be in control. All In all I like everything except when they molt.


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Apr 30, 2007
Deer Park Washington
There are some nice sumatras and some mean sumatras. The best way I can think of to sumarize them is being like pheasants. Most are flighty and when cornered can go crazy. Most are disease resistant. Most of the hens can be evil psyco broodies. The roosters will fight like any other rooster, and arent "game" and blood thirsty. The chicks can be cannabilistic, we have 2 black sumtatra chicks in the brooder that like to eat feathers. It seems that the blues are more domestic, they are calmer, and nicer, and lay better it seems. Also, the blacks are more likely to go wild, we had a couple hens that learned to fly over the fence and roost in trees, we finally caught them and they are crazy.

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