1. There is currently a quarantine in place in the area surrounding and containing the Southern California counties of Los Angeles County and Riverside County for Virulent Newcastle Disease. The quarantine strictly restricts movements of poultry, eggs, supplies and other items that can spread vND. Please do not list items for sale originating from either county without written permission from the CDFA. Please see here for more details

Information about selling quail eggs in pa?

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    Do you need to get insurance to sell quail eggs at farmers markets and such? In case someone eats one of the eggs and gets sick for some reason? what else do i need to know about selling quail eggs in pa?
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    Regulations for Selling Eggs
    The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture regulates the sale of eggs from small flocks. If an egg producer has fewer than 3,000 laying hens, sells the eggs within five days from the date of lay, and sells the eggs predominantly within a 100-mile radius of their production or processing facility, then the following summary of regulations applies:

    • All eggs must be maintained at 60°F or less from the time of gathering to the time of sale. This also applies to eggs sold at farmer markets or at roadside stands. All commercial flocks of more than 3,000 hens are required to store eggs at no less than 45°F.
    • Each carton, flat, or container of eggs must be labeled with the producer's name and address, date of lay, statement of identity (eggs), net contents (in 3/16-inch-high letters), and "Keep Refrigerated."
    • If you do not weigh the eggs, or if they are of mixed size, and you do not wish to assign a grade, they must be labeled as "Unclassified." You also must remove dirty, leaker, or loss eggs. Loss eggs are inedible or contaminated eggs discovered when held to a bright light (candling).
    There are three consumer grades of eggs--Grade AA, Grade A, and Grade B. To market your eggs on these terms, they must meet the requirements for the consumer grade. If you would like to grade your eggs and need further information for consumer graders, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Egg Division at 717-787-5107, or write to Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Eggs, Fruits, and Vegetables Division, 2301 North Cameron Street Harrisburg, PA 17110 or find them online.

    From the Penn State extension office.
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