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7 Years
May 24, 2016
Prineville, Oregon USA
I have a hen that went broody over a month ago. I knew the eggs she laid were not fertile and was able to get fertilized eggs from a friend on 7-1-2016. The eggs have started to hatch. I have seen three not sure how many more are under her but I can hear more. I am so excited and then realized I don't have chick starter and she is in a brooder box in the chicken house with no access for the chicks to food or water. The brooder box is up on the wall about four feet. I don't want to move her but am concerned for the welfare of the chicks they need nourishment. All the chicks I have I have bought and raised she happens to be one of them. I know I will need to separate the babies from the other hens. What do I do about the babies in the brood box? She is still sitting on quite a few eggs that may hatch with the next few days.

Thanks so much for any help!!! I'm a bit panicked!!!
I'd somehow block off the entrance of the brooder box so that no chicks can fall out. They can survive a day or two with no food because they absorbed the egg yolk right before hatching. Mama hens have a good instinct as to how long they should wait for the remaining eggs to hatch and when they should stop to take care of the hatched chicks. If Mom gets off eggs and stays off and pays attention only to her chicks, then I would move Mom and chicks to a better, secure area where the chicks can't fall and get hurt. Moving Mom, chicks, AND eggs right now could cause Mom to abandon the eggs, even if they are good. (Made the mistake once, it was sad.) What is the status of chicks and mom, and eggs, right now?
Thank you for your response and sharing information.

All is good so far. I did put a screen on the box to keep the babies in and also put a small container of water in the box for mama. She did drink. I set up the nursery last evening thank goodness it was ready to go. I was getting her new water this morning had to take the screen off to do that and heard a commotion of chicks peeping. I ran back into the house to find mama off the nest with one baby chick on the ground. The chick was fine so I took the opportunity to scoot mama into the nursery and put the babies with her. I put my gloves on to handle the remaining eggs in the box that had not hatched. She is still sitting on them as I replaced them to the nursery so I will watch them for a couple of more days to see if the hatch. She is on them now! If they aren't all out by Wednesday or so I suppose they won't hatch and I will remove them . I also went to the feed store to get a bad of medicated feed for the chicks. So food and water is now set forthem. I feel much better about it all. She had five babies so far we'll see if they hatch!! Thanks again I will keep you updated as to the progress of the new family!
It's great that everybody got moved to the nursery smoothly! I would leave the overdue eggs until at least day 25 - sometimes they hatch out even later. Mama hen can take care of both eggs and chicks just fine. Having new babies (especially with a broody) can be so exciting, but stressful!! I have a broody sitting on 4 eggs at day 10 right now. So excited for hatch day! :)
Excited for you and your hatch!! I thought it was 28 days but found out it was 21days. I went out a while ago and found mama off the eggs. She seems to be more concerned about the whereabouts of the live chicks. I'll watch and see if she goes back to the eggs. Sad if the others don't hatch! We'll see.

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