infromation on chicken illness


7 Years
Aug 23, 2012
Good morning I have a urgent problem that I need help with, one of my chickens got sick and died several days later. At first she just seemed tired and did not move much I put her in a place by herself as soon as I noticed. There was not any sign of anythig wrong I looked her over really well, that was odd because she has never let me hold and is very nervous, there were no marks no runny eyes or nose the only thing is she drank alot of water. I checked her last night and she was just sitting there and this morning I found her dead. She is about 2 years old. Any info would be wonderful. I am afraid the rest of my chickens my get sick also. One more thing they free range .
Thanks for the website it worked but I still unsure what happened, as she showed no signs except listness. Anyway thank you for your info

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