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Anyone have banking thought them?

Our Credit Union is driving us nuts. They've been great for years, but merger after merger has occured, and this last one seems to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

We have our vehicle loans through them, and about every other month, we get notice that we apparently aren't carrying insurance. We call insurance, they fax the goods over show we do (and have been), and we call back to confirm all is good....which it is until a couple months later and we go through the same runaround. We've had the same insurance for years. Our agent has stated that it's gotten insane since the merger, that they spend a lot of their day now faxing over confirms to the bank, repeatedly, when there is no lapse, and hasn't been a lapse.

I had an issue a couple months ago where a bank employee apparently decided that my debit card shouldn't be accessing from my personal account, but rather our joint account. They didn't bother to tell me this, they just did it, and of course right when I do our monthly big shopping. Got hit with a slew of overdraft fees while the funds were in my personal account. Called and got it figured out (and they found out the name of the employee) but it was annoying.

Last week, I noticed I didn't have enough funds to fill up on gas, so I transferred them from our joint savings. A couple hours later, I see they have returned my DISH payment, and have racked up a bunch of NSF's for things that already cleared. Called, questioned it, and they reversed everything, saying something was clearing weird. Waited the next day, and a few more NSFs showed up, again, for things that cleared through. My account never went negative at all. The bank person couldn't tell why it was saying everything was NSF. They refunded over $100 in NSFs, but it was frustrating.

Today, we got a notice that DH's loan just had $121 tacked on....for insurance. No letter, no call, just a receipt that I had to go online to decipher (and check his loan - yup - more fees). He's calling tomorrow....since we JUST sent ANOTHER confirmation of insurance in three weeks ago!

So I'm bank shopping. I've heard about the ING thing, but I've not tried it, and it's mighty tempting....anyone?
I've banked with ING direct with a checking and savings for about six years now and have no complaints. I love them. I wish there were paper checks, but otherwise the website is easy to use, the interest is better than most (although all interest is low these days), I even get interest on my checking with no minimum balance. I've called customer service on a couple of occasions and they have been fine to deal with. No complaints. I'm very happy, I would recommend them. Oh, and no fees either.
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I have had an ING account for almost a decade, my entire family banks with them and we adore them. Swiss banking laws are extremely tight and take banking seriously. Can you imagine, they actually send bankers to JAIL for breaking the LAW? *eye roll*

You'll get great service, great security, and the best interest rates around.
It's all on your bank card, which is an ATM card and a debit card. You can also transfer money online to accounts. I have mine linked with a local bank, so if I really NEED to write a check, which is rare, I just transfer it from ING to my local bank and then write a check from the local bank. You can also send money to people directly, like typical bill pay feature, only you can do it with private people too.

I only have one bill that requires a check and doesn't take debit cards, so like I said I transfer money to a local account for that, but otherwise have very little use for paper checks. I either pay bills online via transfer (free with ING), or I use my card at stores. I could actually just use the card to withdraw cash for that one bill too, but by transferring it to a local bank I don't need to leave home. But you don't need to have a local bank, I just choose to.
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Right. I edited my above post to add that, I could simply go to an ATM any time with the card, I just transfer to a local bank because I'm lazy and don't want to leave home, but you certainly don't need a local bank as well. I highly recommend them. If you decide to open and account, PM me with your name and email. I can send you a referral link and you will get a $25 dollar bonus and I will get $10 for each account you open. PM me if interested.
No, it's not a dumb question. You can do several things

automatic deposit with your paycheck

transfer from a local bank wirelessly and free

or deposit at an ATM with your bank card.

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