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    Some Poultry feed has Extracted Streptomyces Meal in it. It looks like this has something to do with vitamin b-12. I also looks like it may be used to make anti-biotics.

    Is this a good thing, or should it be avoided.


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    How bizarre that you should ask that question, because I asked the same thing on the CAChickens group and got this answer:

    Streptomyces are found in soil. It is used to produce antibiotics and anti-fungals. It is a natural destoyer of bacteria. Just guessing but....I believe it is added to help keep the feed fresh. Farmer's Best is always more than happy to answer any question you have about the feed they produce.

    Bev Hale "

    So, now I'm wondering if having that in the feed is like feeding medicated feed? Does it have any effect on the birds?
    I'm still making my own, very expensive, feed.


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