inherited lost chick


7 Years
Aug 24, 2012

While working in the chicken yard a bit ago, I found a lost little chick. My dog found its hatchmate. I attempted to find a broody that would take her to no Avail. This little one likes me. She is maybe 3 weeks old and almost fully feathered. Will she be OK by herself until tomorrow? I plan to get her a companion as she is too small to go with my other babies. This was totally unexpected but I could not leave this cutie to die alone. The plan is to get her a companion and when the 2 are big enough integrate them with the in the grow out pen 1st then move them all to the coop together. Does this sound reasonable to prevent anyone from getting too beat up?

Oh wow! I think she'll be fine , show her the food and water . One time I had to wait 10 days to get my only child a companion. So I did hold her a lot and put her on my chest when I was on the pc.

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