Inhumane conditions found, whom do I call?


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Jul 9, 2016
Russell, Kansas
I went to buy some hens from a neighbor. He lives just outside the city limits. Long story short, the chickens he had were in conditions I would deem inhumane.

There were about 15 chickens in a space that was maybe 10 by 3 by 5 tall. The floor of the pen was 4 inches deep of feces and mud.

And when I say mud, I mean mud that was the consistency of spaghetti sauce. The chickens were up to their feathers in it.

There were 2 barrels that were on side (so round side up) and all the hens were trying desperately to jump up out of the muck and stand on the barrels. And then they would slide off into the muck.

It was chicken hell.

There were bare nesting boxes, but not enough for all the hens. Their water was filthy with mud and muck from sliding off the barrels.

They were fed. That was one good thing.

There were other chickens, roosters mostly, that lived their lives inside of airline dog kennels. With all their feces and muck.

Who do I call? They city won't do anything because it is outside the city limits. I was sickened.

On the up side, I felt better about butchering. Death is far better than this.


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Nov 23, 2010
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County health dept. or ask the humane society who would be the correct entity to call.

All hens don't need a nest. They usually only use 1 or 2 no matter how many birds there are.

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