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7 Years
Apr 15, 2012
Tillman's Corner, AL
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My Coop
My son was attempting to place the birds back in their coop when one hen went rogue. In the chase she 'zigged' just as he 'zagged' and they collided. She seemed fine at the time but this morning she was standing on one leg. I checked her feet, legs and joints up to the hips and could find no signs of swelling or breaks. She also is showing no signs of pain. Any guesses?
Keep a close eye on her for any other signs. It could be that she just felt like standing that way but chickens are really good at masking any problems because they are prey animals. You could bring her in the house to keep an eye on her but if there are no other sings and she can get up to roost tonight I wouldn't worry too much.
Look under the feathers, you can actually see bruising if they have had an injury. She could just be bruised and taking a breather. My barred rock is currently in physical therapy after a broken leg. Just like we get bruising from any hit they do to. Check out her leg and keep her comfy. She seems ok but I agree with foreverlearning, they are prey animals and can be tricky to figure out. Tough little beings.

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