Injured Chicken- 2 1/2 weeks later


9 Years
May 8, 2013
2 1/2 weeks ago I posted a thread in regards to an injured hen that I had isolated in the garage. She was involved in a raccoon attack inside the coop. I believed she had a broken wing but since then I have discovered that the wing is not broken. She is 16 weeks old

She had no external injuries or feather loss but would not move at all, laying on her left side. She could move both legs and curl her toes. I felt for breaks, warmth and swelling but she didn't seem to have any. A vet visit wasn't an option for me. After one day she started to eat and drink. Her eyes clear but her comb pale. I noticed that she began to poop and it was sticky and smelly. After a few days her poops began to normalize. I started putting her outside next to the coop near the flock. She was very alert and kind of perked up. I did keep her inside at night. At this point she is still not standing and still favors laying on her left side. Even if I try to flip her she automatically and immediately flips back to the left.

I started putting her in the grass during the day and she really liked it. I was hoping it was going to help her. Her comb started to regain color and now looked normal. After 1 week, she seems completely normal except that she still will not stand but at this point she can scoot around using her wings and legs ( not walking just pushing). I began to expose her to the flock and they are very sweet to her. No pecking, no attacks, just treat her like one of the flock. I even keep her in the run during the day. She can scoot herself to food and water.

After 2 weeks, she is still laying on her left side not standing. I have noticed that she scoots herself to the edge of the run and is trying to prop herself up. She is really trying now but has not been successful. I am concerned about her legs because they are starting to take on a red/pink hue and I think it's from her not using them like normal.

I just don't know what to do at this point. Do I continue to let her live this new life, do I humanely put her down? Am I terrible for keeping her alive this long like this? She was not laying yet but I am nervous about how it will effect her. Will she just not lay or do I need to be concerned about her trying to? Any thoughts on this?
You may want to place her in a chicken sling or chair to get her upright and allow her to strengthen her legs. Let her feet slightly touch the ground, but prevent her from jumping out.
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