Injured chicken - bottom is featherless, wounded

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    One of my chickens has been injured and the feathers on her bottom have been pecked away (I'm assuming) and there is a large wound/scab near her vent, where it looks like some flesh was torn away. This was only brought to my attention yesterday as my dad was outside letting our chickens run around and I noticed what had happened to one of them; I had been busy the past few days so he'd been taking care of them. I had to rush off to work, so I left the chicken in the care of my dad for the evening and he talked to a lady at a local store here and he got some stuff for the wound called "Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care" spray, and then "Rooster Booster Pick-No-More Cover-Up Lotion" to keep the other chickens from pecking at her. My main concern is if the wound is infected or not because I don't know exactly when this happened if it was just yesterday or sometime before that. Should I be applying some other topical items like antibiotic? Where should I keep her? The girl in question seems okay in terms of how she is acting. She's still running around and eating at this point but she's been "crying" pretty loudly so I'm assuming she is in pain. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thank you.


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    How does the vent look? It is hidden by feathers in your picture. She may have been feather picked by the others. Pur her in a cage inside the coop with food and water where she won't be pecked. The Vetericyn will be good to use without anything else, as long as there is no prolapse (red tissue sticking out of the vent.). When she is healed some, then put the anti-pick lotion on and then keep an eye on her and make sure she isn't bullied. Make sure that your chickens are not crowded, are getting at least 16-20% protein in their diet, and that they get outside of the coup so they won't get bored and peck each other.

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