Injured chicken from dog attack


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May 22, 2016
I have a chicken that was injured from a dog attack and has a large puncture wound on its back between her wings. The puncture goes into the second layer of muscle under her wing muscle plus she is missing all her skin between her wings. I flushed it as best as i could with water and packed it with raw honey. Im getting her some antibiotics tomorrow from my work place, i work at a feed store and they are closed now. I'm just wondering what else i can do because I've treated countless horse injurys but nothing with poultry. I do have iodine, blue kote and hydrogen peroxide but im hesitate to use them because of the deap puncture wound into the body cavity. Help, this is my first time owning chickens and it would suck to loose one to a dog.
Chickens have an amazing ability to recover from physical insult and in my opinion the best thing is to keep the wound dry but not covered and of course keep the wound free from maggots or screw worms. If she is meant to live she should pull through with the things that you are already doing.

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