Injured chicken!!!!! Please help!!!!

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    May 4, 2014
    Okay.... my little dachshund got ahold of my new hampshire and we saved her. We looked her over and she seems to be fine other than she isnt using one of her wings. She can still get on the roosting pole and in and out of the coop just fine but she is isolating herself and doesnt seem very interested in eating or drinking. She didnt come out of the coop this morning so i had to get her out. she pecked a little at the flock block i have but she's just acting "different". No blood or other injuries to be found and she is pooping normal.
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    She's probably in a bit of shock. Try scrambling some egg for her, they will usually eat that.
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    I am so sorry! I had a stray dog attack my flock and hurt several. I seen one of my Barr Rocks covering one of the other hen that had been attack and her feathers had been pull out of her back end she was so scared . The Barr Rock was covering her and she was the one getting her feathers out next, I came in to the coop to save her .I put the hen with the worst harm by herself for the night and comforted the rest of the flock . All was better the next day, and forgotten in a few days.
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    There could possibly be internal injuries. Make sure she is well hydrated. To help keep up her strength, you can give her one drop of poultry nutri drench via eyedropper once a day. Because poultry nutri drench is rich in vitamins and minerals, dont give it to her more than 7 days... it can cause diarrhea.

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