Injured comb and back. Please help!


Mar 18, 2015
Tonight i caught my dog in the run. We are wrill working on the gate and he managed to undo the temporary fence where the gate is going. One chicken was laying there in shock. I picked her up and she was wet on her back and her comb was bleeding a little but over all her wings and everything was intact. A few hours later i kust went out to put them to bed and i found another chicken cery happy to see me and cuddled under me as i was getting the ducks from under the house. Only difference was part of her comb was missing a bleeding some and her back was soaking wet and as i check her feathers a bunch were missing and she was bleeding between her wings. Her wings appeared fine and intact. My chicks are only 8 weeks old so i know my roo didnt do it. He is the same age. Im not sure if it was the dog again or ehat happened. There was no sign of any other animal and all the other chickens were untouched. What should i do? Will she heal on her own? All she wanted was to be loved on but happily joined her flock om the roosts for bed after i finished looking her over.

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