Injured duck pls help

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  1. willisneff

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    May 30, 2016
    So about 4 days ago my lab got out and attacked my poor ducks [​IMG] We have 2 left and thought they were completely okay. However the next morning we saw one almost dead laying in the corner so we looked at her body and found an injury under her wing and it was covered in maggots [​IMG]We sprayed most of them off and we have been giving her baths and picking off all the maggots we could with tweezers. I know there are still more though because they keep coming out in her baths. I just can't loose her and want to do everything I can to save her
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    May 29, 2016
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    Have you tried spraying vetericyn on it or putting her an a antibiotic to prevent infection. You would have to call the vet to make sure you get the right antibiotic as some can kill ducks. If I have a issue like bumble foot I can get the vet to give some without a check up.
  3. willisneff

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    May 30, 2016
    Yes we went and bought some vetericyn yesterday, we've been applying that on top of the baths and it seems that there is no more maggots however it's hard to tell if they are completely gone. She is starting to get back to her fiesty self so hopefully she can pull through :)
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    Ducks can recover from some awful injuries. Stay on top of the maggot issue.

    You know now how fast flies can find an injury....[​IMG]

    Look her over again - sometimes putting them into a tub of lukewarm water cheers them up and gives you a chance to look, feel, listen and smell for anything out of the ordinary. And it cleans them up a bit.

    You may want to clip the feathers down around the wound so you can see better and apply medicine better.

    Vetericyn is good for wounds, and so is saline.

    You may want to decide on an oran antibiotic in case she gets a systemic infection from the wounds.

    Also please feel free to post over on the Duck Forum - many duck folks there.

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