Injured Duckling Help!


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Jun 16, 2008
Harrodsburg, Kentucky
I have had a broody chicken hatching out some BEI ducks. Well not all went well. The chicken is at my Brother In Laws, so they started to hatch yesterday. 3 hatched and before he noticed the chicken killed one duckling one was in bad shape and died shortly after it was found and the other has a badly pecked bill. He removed the remaining duckling and I went and put the rest of the 5 eggs in the already running bator. I figured that they would have a better chance being moved than if they hatched in the middle of the night and the chicken got them. Well one more hatched last night, that one is doing fine. The one in question that has the injured bill is moving around under a heat lamp, and has drank water but not much else. I moved the other duckling in to the brooder this morning and it is way more active that that one. Any thing that anyone can think of that I can do do see if I can save this little guy.
I really hate to have to raise one little duckling.

and btw when do you give up hope that no more eggs are going to hatch? they were actually due today but these hatched yesterday.

I will send picks of the poor thing tonight. If it makes it that long.


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