Injured Easter chick


6 Years
May 29, 2013
We have 26 chicks brooding together, silver laced wynadottes (16) and white leghorns (10). Sometime in the last 12ish hours one of the wynadottes was injured. I noticed her wing bloodied and gently pulled her out to clean her and isolate her. Her elbow of her wing joint had been badly pecked and the bone is visible. Is this something that can be healed? We cleaned it with Betadine. It does not appear broken or anything.

This is the second wunadotte with an injury. The first one had been pecked on her butt and then was isolated. After returning her to the group she for pecked again and had to be isolated a few more days. Since then all has been ok. The leghorns are about a week older.
Is there anything I can do for her or give her orally? She seems a little lethargic... Any fluids that would be good or something for some energy?
Chickens heal remarkably well. It's certainly worth a try. He'll need to be separate ti healed, to prevent the others from attacking the wound. If possible, put another chick in with him for company, if they comfort rather than attack each other. They should have about 1 sq ft of brooder floor space for each chick up to 4 weeks, then almost double that. I would probably not change her food or water but I might drop some water along the side of her beak til she pulls it in her mouth for several drops if she is not drinking well. You could put a small amount of
Gatorade in the water, maybe an ounce in a quart, but additives aren't nearly as important as the water itself, and it is easy to overdo both vitamins and electroclytes.

I would consider increasing the size of the brooder and reducing the heat. If possible, take them outdoors to the coop, if only for short outings.
I have found that bag balm works really good at helping heal chickens up fast.

I would block her/him off from the others and like Judy said put a friend in with him, keep an eye on that friend to make sure they aren't pecking that wing bloody again. It should be all healed up in a week or so. Bag balm also helps keep the blood smell down since its rather thick and has a rather strong smell.
Yes, she was separated immediately. I am not risking another chick with her due to how serious the wound is (the bone is visible).

I just discovered three more with similar wounds but in the very beginning stages. I have decided to separate the two breeds as the leghorns seem to be the main ones pecking (or at least more noticeably) and they are a little older (maybe a week). They will be getting outside ASAP. We have some building to do...

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