Injured EE, not sure what is wrong


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Jan 8, 2008
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One of my girls is limping and favoring her left leg. She was fine last night, but this morning she is limping and sitting on her haunches. She is also panting. I have isolated her, she has fresh water and food. I felt around to make sure that nothing was broken, and I don't feel anything out of place or broken. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, but I am still concerned for her. Any idea as to what could be wrong with her? She hasn't layed any eggs yet she is going on 7 months old now. Could this possibly make her limp? I just went to check on my EE, and notice that her stool has a trace of blood in it. What can cause this. I read that cocci can do this, but how do I know if that is what it is? My vet charges an arm and a leg to look a chicken's.
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Sorry you've had to wait so long for a reply.
Without pics and not being there, I can only make guesses.

Blood in stool: Cocci or egg bound?
If cocci, is the stool runny, off colored and foul smelling?
If so go for the Corid to treat.
If eggbound, try soaking her butt end in warm water soaks and try to lubricate vent area with petroleum jelly. I don't know about the skelatal and neural make up of hens, but I do know that in humans inflamation or bulk obstruction in the pelvic area can cause pressure to the nerves that run through the pelvic bones and control the leg. (In humans: Sciatic Nerve )
Palpate the vent and hip area of one of your normal hens then go and palpate ( poke around ) you affected hen. Compare any differences in what you feel and how she reacts.
AnyBody Else Out there with any Ideas?

Good Luck!
i'd check for being egg bound also..but..really i have no clue..just wanted to give ya a bump up...good luck!..Wendy
Stool is normal in color, no foul odor, not runny. I will check her pelvic area tomorrow, hopefully she isn't egg bound, I didn't think of that since she hasn't even started laying yet. Roost's are about at different heights anywhere from 4 ft up to about 10 feet off the ground. I am going to call my vet tomorrow, and see what they will charge me to bring her in. I had a friend check her out today, and she didn't feel any dislocations or broken bones on her. She seems to think that maybe one of my roosters had gotten a hold of her, and maybe injured her because the rooster's are pretty large rooster's. I really hope that she isn't egg bound because I will freak out.
Sometimes when they jump from a high roost they will sprain their joints when they land. I hope that is all it is on the limping.
In this case...Sprains are good!
Wow- i just posted something similar to this!! my girl was walking on her elbows for a week or so and now she's not. maybe effected by the same thing?! I just got her so i thought she was deformed!
I checked today, and I didn't feel an egg in her pelvic area. Bone's seem intacted, no joints out of place. So, I am hoping it is just a muscle sprain from her jumping off the roost. She does seem to be walking more, but still with a limp. Will keep ya posted if anything changes.
I noticed one of my chickens tonight has a limp. She seems to get around okay, but naturally this concerns me. She sat in my lap (she does this every day) and I tried to feel around, but don't really know what to look for. There was no blood anywhere. Her feet are a little dirty from digging and dust bathing, but my chickens don't come in contact with other animals or birds, so how could this be mites or parasites? They are extremely clean as I scrub the roost daily and pick up all droppings from the pen and coop floors. She is "Top Dog" and goes after any chicken who is getting any attention from me. Any suggestions as to what to look for?

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