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Sep 17, 2021
South Africa
Hi guys. My roo fell off the roost about 2 weeks ago, he's been limping ever since. At the beginning his foot looked fine (see photo for reference) but between yesterday and today it has swollen substantially. He stayed in isolation for 3 days and started pacing and becoming uneasy so I let him out with the flock.

The injury, therefore, has not had any time to rest and heal.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the foot. Two days prior to him falling off the roost, a genet got into the coop and the roo tried to protect the hens. I'm not sure if he got bitten and whether this is infact an infection rather than a break or sprain.

Can you guys please tell me what this looks like. The fault is on the left leg.

One photo is from 2 weeks ago and one is from this morning.


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It would be hard to know if this is a broken foot or a sprain, unless an xray is done. Does he hold the leg up to his body, or is he walking on it? Splinting or wrapping with tape may be used to support his foot, but be careful not to let it get tight or he could cut off the circulation and make it worse. It can take weeks for a sprain to heal.
Hello @Eggcessive thank you for your response! He is limping but also putting weight on the foot. He does hold the foot up but he also walks on it at times and scratches his face with it. He insists on roosting and not sleeping on a flat surface so the foot is taking a strain.

Do you definitely think that it is an injury and not an infection? He does have a scab under his foot, it does not look or feel like bumblefoot. The scab is dry but bacteria may have gotten into his foot at some point.
@Eggcessive would a sprain heal if he keeps using the foot like this?

I tried isolating him again this morning but he made a scene, kept pacing and calling one of the hens, I had to let him out to prevent him hurting himself further.

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