Injured hen didn't make it

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    Apr 4, 2016
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    We lost our 1 year old Easter Egger, Dolores, to an injury on her side that the other hens wouldn't stop pecking at. When we first noticed it, it was a bloody patch about the size of a half-dollar. Prior to this, we got the other hens aprons because they were going bald from the rooster mounting them, but Dolores wasn't a favorite of his so she wasn't wearing one. Seeing the injury, we took the apron off of the Barred Rock that didn't really need it and put it on Dolores, hoping that it would heal up quickly under the cover of the apron. Lesson learned. Chickens are persistent in their cannibalism. And the apron that was supposed to hide it from the other chickens only hid it from us. By the time I realized how bad it had got, it was too late for her. Husband culled her with the broomstick method. I'm so sad. I know a large part of it is my fault. We're first-time chicken owners. There will be many hard lessons learned for us, and this was one. I separated her on her last day so she did get some reprieve. Poor thing. [​IMG] Goodbye Dolores. I hope you are chasing all the bugs in Chicken Heaven.
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    Rest In Peace, Dolores

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