My Flock!

By Jetblack2004 · Jan 8, 2018 · ·
  1. Jetblack2004
    Work In Progress! :D

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  1. DiamondSwan
    Gave ya 5 stars anyway, 'cause I know it'll be great. :p :D
    1. Jetblack2004
      Thanks! :D
      I just gotta get some pictures :lol:
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    2. DiamondSwan
      Can't wait to see!! :D
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  2. Feathers4Fun2
    I have a cat that looks very similar to the icon you posted. He is a skilled mouser and caught countless birds, however in our neck of the woods, my Rhode Island Reds "Rule the Roost", and tolerate no nonsense from the cat. I am building a flock of dual purpose birds - I set 16 eggs, from my existing small flock, this afternoon. Expected hatch date is Jan 29th.
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    1. Jetblack2004
      Ah awesome. My cat (Smudge) is also a pretty good hunter. Good luck with the eggs you've set!

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