My BYC friends!

This is a list of some of the amazing people I've met on here! You are all great and I'm so lucky to have you as my friends!
  1. Jetblack2004
    Hello BYC! I've been on this site for nearly two years now. Up until recently, I only used this site to help others or get advice, and I didn't really chat or have conversations. But in the past few months I've met some awesome people! This is a page dedicated to all my wonderful friends on here!

    RodNTN.Isabella was the very first friend I made on here. She's kind and caring, we send many pictures of our chickens via PM and I love talking to her. I'm so glad I met her! :hugs

    Hybridchucks. Ya'el is a fun and totally awesome person! She's from Britain like me and we got along really well! I really enjoy her company :D

    Sarah (aka Heavens or Ash) is so fun to have around. She loves Warrior Cats, writing and art like me; we're very similar in many ways! :hugs

    CuzChickens.I am so lucky to have Savannah as a friend. She lives on a farm and breeds chickens as a buisness just like me. I met her on Hangouts and we've been friends since :hugs

    ChickenCowboy02.Garrett is an awesome and fun BYCer and it's great to have him around! We also share a love of Warrior Cats (and also lions) :D

    vachick15.Va is a very friendly homeschooled, animal-loving girl. We met recently but it didn't take long for me to consider her a good friend :)

    blackdust95.My only friend from Australia! Bryn is a good friend and we often chat on Hangouts. He is homeschooled like me and loves poultry!

    TheKindaFarmGal. KFG is very knowledgeable on chickens and other poultry. She's helped me a couple of times with hatching chicks and I'm very grateful for it. Benedict also says 'thank you' :p

    PeepersMama.I've only recently met Zelda on here and she's a really nice girl to have as a friend! Always in high spirits! :D

    Cluckcluck1215.. Kyndra is a fun, kind, and chatty friend! She loves Warrior Cats like me and is a big animal lover! I met her around the same time as Peep and Va, and we've become good friends!

    If I haven't added you, it's probably because I'm still getting to know you :)

    And the descriptions are short because I'm terrible at saying stuff about people :oops:

    Thank you all for being my friends!!

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    About Author

    Hi, I'm Jetblack2004 (aka Jet).
    I love chickens and I have a flock of RIR on a farm in South East England.
    I hope you enjoy this article!

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  1. Feathers4Fun2
    A very uplifting post! Thanks.
  2. RodNTN
    Thank you so much!! :hugs This means so much to me!! You're an amazing friend!! :hugs
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    1. Jetblack2004
      You're very welcome!! Thank you for being my friend :hugs
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    2. RodNTN
      You are most welcome :) *HUGS*
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  3. Hybridchucks
    Aw you're so sweet Sam! :bighugz Same to you! Youre the best! :hugs
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  4. Jetblack2004
    You're welcome guys!! :hugs
  5. blackdust951
    Well thankyou :D
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  6. CuzChickens
    Awww, thanks darlin! I'm so glad yer my friend!
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  7. vachick15
    Aww, you're a wonderful friend, Jet! :3
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