My BYC friends!

This is a list of some of the amazing people I've met on here! You are all great and I'm so lucky to have you as my friends!
By Jetblack2004 · Dec 8, 2017 · ·
  1. Jetblack2004
    Hello BYC! I've been on this site for nearly two years now. Up until recently, I only used this site to help others or get advice, and I didn't really chat or have conversations. But in the past few months I've met some awesome people! This is a page dedicated to all my wonderful friends on here!

    Isabella was the very first friend I made on here. She's kind and caring, we send many pictures of our chickens via PM and I love talking to her. I'm so glad I met her! :hugs

    Hybridchucks Ya'el is a fun and totally awesome person! She's from Britain like me and we have quite similar personalities. I really enjoy her company :D

    Sarah (aka Sary or Saeah :p) is so fun to have around. She loves Warrior Cats, writing and art like me; we're very similar in many ways! :hugs

    I am so lucky to have Savannah as a friend. She lives on a farm and breeds chickens like me. I met her on Hangouts and we've been friends since :hugs

    Garrett is an awesome and fun BYCer and it's great to have him around! We have lots of things in common :D

    VA is a very friendly homeschooled, animal-loving girl. We met recently but it didn't take long for me to consider her a good friend :)

    My only friend from Australia! Bryn is a good friend and we often chat on Hangouts. He is homeschooled like me and loves poultry!

    KFG is very knowledgeable on chickens and other poultry. She's helped me a couple of times with hatching chicks and I'm very grateful for it.

    PeepersMamaI've only recently met Zelda on here and she's a really nice girl to have as a friend! Always in high spirits! :D

    Kyndra is a fun, kind, and chatty friend! She loves Warrior Cats like me and is a big animal lover! I met her around the same time as Peep and VA, and we've become good friends!

    Destiny is so kind and friendly! I absolutely love chatting to her! She is so thoughtful and caring: I'm blessed to have her as a friend :hugs

    Fluff is a friend of a friend on here. We haven't talked loads, but I already think of her as a friend. She's very friendly and humorous- just my kind of person!! :D

    Fanci Feathers Marans
    Fanci is a very sweet person and her drawings are really good!! I enjoy chatting with her and I know we're going to become great friends!

    If I haven't added you, it's probably because I'm still getting to know you :)

    And the descriptions are short because I'm terrible at saying stuff about people :oops:

    Thank you all for being my friends!!

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  1. Jetblack2004
    Ignore this comment :p
  2. CuzChickens
    *IdI forgotten about this.
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  3. CuzChickens
    Oh, thanks Jet! Love ya!
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    1. Jetblack2004
  4. ChickenCowboy02
    ...Just now sees this...
    Aw, thanks Sammy! :hugs
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    1. Jetblack2004
      You're welcome! Thanks for being such an awesome friend :D :hugs
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  5. Feathers4Fun2
    A very uplifting post! Thanks.
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  6. RodNTN
    Thank you so much!! :hugs This means so much to me!! You're an amazing friend!! :hugs
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    1. Jetblack2004
      You're very welcome!! Thank you for being my friend :hugs
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    2. RodNTN
      You are most welcome :) *HUGS*
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  7. Hybridchucks
    Aw you're so sweet Sam! :bighugz Same to you! Youre the best! :hugs
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  8. Jetblack2004
    You're welcome guys!! :hugs
  9. blackdust951
    Well thankyou :D
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  10. CuzChickens
    Awww, thanks darlin! I'm so glad yer my friend!
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  11. vachick15
    Aww, you're a wonderful friend, Jet! :3
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