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Oct 7, 2015
New York
Hi all, so I have a 8 month old Plymouth Rock who started limping a week ago out of the blue. She was fine when I put them away from the night but when I let them out in the morning she was limping. I have checked and she doesn't have bumblefoot or anything sticking in her foot or leg. I have kept her separate from the other two girls because they started going after her and to keep her from hopping up on the roost and nesting boxes. I have been giving her baby aspirin and electrolites in her water and just started the giving her b vitamin 2 days ago to see if that would help. She is still limping just as bad, doesn't seem to be getting any better. Nothing feels or looks broken but she doesn't like when I touch her leg where it bends/connects to her torso. I'm assuming that is what is injured but I'm not really sure what else to do to try and help her get better. She is still eating and drinking. But I have noticed she has really runny poop now too. I'm not sure if that is just from excess vitamin b or not.
What else can I do, or is this just a waiting game? My head hen goes after her now but I feel so horrible keeping her separate. She just wants to be back with the girls and welcomed into the flock again. :(
Can you place her in a cage or crate inside the coop with food and water? That way she will be forced to rest her leg while still having their company. Try adding a little plain yogurt or a little cottage cheese to her feed to help firm up the droppings. Sprains can take weeks to heal, and resting the injury may help. Some people use chicken slings for leg injuries or lame hens, but if they get too upset it may not work. Here are some pictures:


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Yeah I think I going to try the sling. Not sure how it will go over but I guess we'll find out! Her leg is super swollen where it meets her hip area. Will putting her in a sling weaken her good leg though from not walking on it for a while? I feel like this process will take a while to heal....

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