Injured hen not walking. Need answers and help!

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, this has to be my first post.

    Two days ago I'm assuming 1 of my hens fell from a high roost in the middle of the night. I found her on the ground with poop on her back. She was limping and had really poor balance. Her comb had a little dried blood on it, too. But, I didn't see any visible injuries.

    I've kept her in a dog crate, gave her half of ibuprofen on both days and now I've added vitamin B to her water. She is worse today. Not walking. Doesn't have that big of an appetite, but will eat worms and some treats. Not her feed though. She does drink but, I have to take her to the water if she isn't in her crate.

    I've looked up mareks and I don't believe it is this. They were vaccinated at Meyer hatchery but, I read that they can still get it. She doesn't act or look sick. So, my assumption is still that she fell from a high roost and sprained her leg. I have pulled and squeezed on both legs and her wings and she doesn't make a noise. She has started panting though, so again, I am assuming it's because of pain.

    I don't think she's egg bound because I have seen her poop. Her crop is empty.

    I can take a video of her and post it on youtube if anyone wants/ needs a video.
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    The video would be helpful. To me it does sound a lot like mareks disease but I haven't dealt with something like this before so maybe some of the more experienced BYCers can help you.
    If she isn't drinking I would take a syringe and squirt the water into her mouth. If she's dehydrated it will only make it worse.

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