Injured hens "in shock" after weasel attack?


6 Years
Dec 27, 2016
Upstate NY
Last night, some sort of animal, probably a weasel, attacked my coop of 4 hens last night. The hens were able to escape the coop, and one of them is fine. My rooster must have jumped into the fray, because he is missing, as is one of the hens.

My real question concerns the two injured Polish hens that we found. One of them is clearly bleeding from the neck, but the neck is not broken and the blood seems to only be coming from the skin where feathers were ripped out.
The other has one minor bloody spot under a wing, and is missing neck feathers, but is not bleeding from there. She is overall faring better than the other injured hen.
Both hens seem to be in shock, and slept last night laying on the rag nests we made for them, with their necks stretched out and their heads on the ground. They have both had water available, but neither has touched it. They are also near a heat lamp, so they are a comfortable temperature. They are both still responsive and flinch at sound and touch, and the second hen will raise her head if I touch her.
So my questions:
Are these hens in shock?
If they are, what do I do about that?
I am very concerned that neither has had any water since the incident. Should I try to get them to drink water? How do I not accidentally drown them while doing that?

Any advice would be appreciated, as this is my first time dealing with hens that have been attacked but are still alive.
Mix up some electrolyte solution or give them Gatoraid. Yes, they are very likely in shock, and shock kills.

To get it into them, hold the container under the beak and gently dip the beak into the liquid. After several dips, the hens will "wake up" and discover their thirst.

If they are so far gone that they will not start to drink on their own, tubing it into the crop by sticking a narrow syringe into the entrance of the esophagus is an option I would select.

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