Injured leg. What do I do?!?!


8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
One of my girls got her leg stuck overnight in the gate. Yes, it was my fault and I feel horrible. They tend to run out when I open the gate and normally as I shut it they back up. In my haste on girl got her leg pinched between the bottom of the gate and the frame. It was not so tight to cause a break or complete compression, but there is a small mark (abrasion no bleeding) on her leg 1" up from her foot and she is limping when she tries to walk and is mostly laying down. What should I do? The gate is already repaired to prevent this in the future.
Good thing is she can still use her leg! Most likely bruised and muscle strain. Chickens are tough! Watch for excess swelling and if the abrasion opens into a sore. Poor girl!
Thanks! Should I apply neosporin or similar to the wound? or just let nature take its course?
If it doesn't get better, I would put her in a dog crate for awhile. Make sure she has food and water. That way she can stay off her leg so it will get better. That's what I did with my hen, when she hurt her leg. She was put in a separate run, so she could still see the flock. She's back to normal now. Good luck.
She was silent! Thats what leads me to believe she wasn't/isn't hurt all that bad. When I left for work this morning all the girls were outside in the pen and it looked like she was just sitting near the gate. (which one or more of them normally do)
If the leg is not broke it is better she uses it. Locking her up can bring on more swelling, less cirulation. As long as no one is chasing her (rooster) she will move as much as its comfortable. Yes, a antibiotic ointment would be helpful. We all trying to be the best and careful owners, accidents do happen!! I hope she is feeling better.

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