injured Silkie not walking, Maybe attacked by geese


5 Years
May 22, 2014
I have a 4 month old silkie that was injured Monday night. My husband and I were out for 3 hours and left everyone with a babysitter and when we got home she was injured and not walking. She had a few feathers from her wing pulled out, but there are no puncture wounds and no breaks that I can tell when handling her. The only other animals that were out at the time were my two buff geese. She is laying with her right foot straight out and the other pulled up under her. She can hold her head up but her wings are down at her sides and she can move everything but it hurts. She is eating and drinking and her poop looks fine, but she doesn't seem to be getting better. She is in a bin in my living room under a heating lamp with blankets and food and water, I can tell she is in pain and I don't have any idea how to help her and I don't know how she is injured. Any help at all in greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

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