injured swollen foot


6 Years
Jul 30, 2013
I accidentally hurt lydia (I think she is about 8 weeks) , I dropped something heavy on her foot it is really swollen and she won't put any weight on it.

I tried putting her back in our bathtub brooder with one of our chicks but she kept bumping into her and making her move and she got all flustered and tried to hop around so she is on her own now and calm.

She hasn't drunk anything yet, she is always the cautious one to eat or drink Wont eat a tasty treat until she has thought about it for a while or if she is stressed so it isn't a surprise she hasn't drunk/eaten anything. So I've iced her foot (swelling went down a little) offered food and water and am now leaving her to sleep a little before trying again.

Any ideas? How long before I should panic?
You may just need to leave her alone with no handling, and see if she eats or drinks on her own. The more things you do to her may keep her from eating, so I would leave her alone. 1/2 of a baby aspirin twice a day in some wet chicken feed like oatmeal might help her foot pain and help the inflammation down. If something is broken you might be able to splint it with duct tape and cardboard. I would leave her in a cage to rest for a week or so, and take it from there.
Thanks for the advice. I think I have some baby aspirin. She is panting a lot.

I managed to get her to eat a little roast chicken and the broth jelly from around it after icing her foot again. She is resting in the bathtub I'm leaving her alone for a while based on your advice.
Wanted to update

She is obviously still in pain and will only barely put any weight on it. She is eating and drinking though and her poo is normal and the toes feel a normal temperature. She has a friend in the bathtub with her.

I feel so guilty though!

Any idea how long I can expect this to last?

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